Washable Dog Crate Cover - New Dove

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New Dove Crate Covers is elegant performance upholstery fabric that are durable repel every stains and clean easily without compromising the fabric's look or feel. It is soft to the hand and we absolutely love it and we think you love it too!

  • Meticulously stitched and detailed like fine upholstery
  • Finished with buttons and loops
  • Buttons are sewn by hand
  • Crate Covers & More products are proudly made in U.S.A.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Machine Wash, Line Dry

Made to fit MidWest A.C.E. and iCrate Double Door Crates

Icrate 1522DD and 422DD

Extra Small (D)22 (W)13 (H)16

Icrate 1524DD and ACE 424DD

Small (D)24 (W)18 (H)19

Icrate 1530DD and ACE 430DD

Medium (D)30 (W)19 (H)21
Icate 1536DD and ACE 436DD

Large  (D)36 (W)23 (H)25

Icrate 1536 and ACE 442DD

Extra Large (D)42 (W)28 (H)30

 Is a fine  Upholstery fabric made from recycled plastic battles of 98% polyester and 2% nylon.

When you buy this Crate Covers you are helping to save Earth

Care Instructions: Machine Wash & Line Dry