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Bumpers for MidWest LifeStages Crates - Single Door 

Bumper covers 3 sides of the crate, 2 long sides and 1 width shorter side in the back of the crate.

This bumper is made to fit the following MidWest Crates:

Extra Small 
LifeStages 1622 or iCrate 1522
(D)22in/56cm  (W)13in/33cm  (H)16in/40.6cm
Bumper Height 6 inches

LifeStages 1624
(D)24in/61cm  (W)18in/45.7cm  (H)21in/53.3cm
Bumper Height 6 inches

LifeStages 1630
(D)30in/76.2cm  (W)21in/53.3cm (H)24in/61cm
Bumper Height 8 inches

LifeStages 1636
(D)36in/91.4cm (W)24in/61cm  (H)27in/68.6cm
Bumper Height 8 inches

Extra Large 
LifeStages 1642
(D)42in/106.7cm (W)28in/71.1cm  (H)31in/78.7cm
Bumper Height 10 inches