Sofa Dog Bed - Jayden Ink

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Our newest addition to our dog bed collection, comfy dog bed with bolsters. Crafted in our tradition of luxurious and comfortable fabrics.

Jayden Ink is made with polyester and cotton blend which makes it easy to maintain and yet it is made with soft materials. This will be your dog's go to bed when it is ready to sleep.

* Removable cushion and bumper covers are machine wash and dry

* Made with high quality upholstery fabric

* Bolster is filled with hypoallergenic fiber fill and cushion pad is made with 4 inch thick foam

* 27 inch wide, 25 inch depth, 4 inch thick

* Made in Richmond, Virginia

* We care about the health of your pet, hence this item cannot be restocked or resold. We cannot accept returns or exchanges.